Perform the work and pay your contractors.

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Submit a Draw Request, invoices/receipts and Lien Releases (located at the bottom)

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BLC will schedule an inspection. Remember, access to the property is critical and may cause delays if the inspector is locked out.

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An inspection report is drafted. Upon a successful inspection report, BLC will immediately approve the transfer of funds.

Borrower's Information

Property Information

What day will the property be ready for inspection?

Scope of Work

Total Requested Amount

Banking Information

Business/Personal Address Associated with Account

Supporting Documents

Lien Release(s)
*Please combine Lien Releases into one document and invoices/receipts into one document
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All Draw Request line items must match the line items on the Scope of Work.

Black Label Capital will not transfer draw funds on work that has not been completed.

Any changes to the original Scope of Work will require approval.

Submit completed and signed Lien Releases and proof of paid invoices with Draw Request Application.

There is no limit to how many draws you can request. However, you cannot exceed the originally approved construction holdbacks without BLC authorization.