Purchase/Contract Price: The price at which you are purchasing the subject property

After Repair Value: The value of the property once the rehab is complete (what you will list it for)

Down Payment: The difference between the loan amount and the purchase/contract price

Loan To Value: Loan Amount/After Repair Value (typically around 70%)

Points: 1 Point=1% of the loan amount. Points are paid to BLC to originate the loan

Interest Rate: Annual Interest Rate

Monthly Interest Payment: The monthly, interest only, loan payment

Acquisition Funds: Funds that are utilized strictly for the purchased of the property

Construction Holdbacks: Funds that are approved, but held back at closing and distributed as part of a draw schedule throughout the construction phase.

The Loan Calculator is used for informational purposes only. All loans are subject to an inspection/appraisal and various other factors prior to a final loan approval.


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