Collateral based, interest only, fast funding. These loans include the funds necessary for repair costs.



Do you have personal funds tied up in a project that you want to pull out?

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Building from the ground up? We've got you covered.



Temporary financing. Bridge loans let you quickly acquire property while you secure long term financing.



Need a rental loan? Let us figure out a solution.



Ideal for wholesalers who acquire and assign properties to a buyer.



Used strictly for the purchase of real estate where the investor will utilize their own funds for the rehab.



Do you need to refinance an existing hard money loan?


What is a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is a loan acquired through a private lender instead of through a traditional bank. Hard money loans are typically asset based, which means our primary focus when determining a loan amout is based mostly on the value of the collateral itself.

How do Construction Draws (Holdbacks) work?

Construction funds (Holdbacks) will be dispersed utilizing Draw Requests. As you complete work throughout the project, you will submit a Draw Request. Once Black Label Capital, LLC receives this request, and all required documents, an inspection is scheduled. After a successful inspection, BLC transfers the requested amount to the borrower. Please ensure that all lien releases, city inspections, receipts, invoices and Scope of Work are submitted with the Draw Request. Failure to submit these documents can lead to a delay in dispersing the funds.

What type of hard money loan options does Black Label Capital offer?

We offer the following loans:

  1. Fix & Flip
  2. Construction Loans
  3. Acquisition Loans
  4. Cash Out Loans
  5. Bridge Loans
  6. Transactional
  7. Cash Out Refinance

Terms & Fees

-Lender Administration Fee: $1,395 -Credit Report Fee: $35 -Appraisal: $450-$550 -Title Policy Required -Insurance Policy Required -Extensions Available

Do you offer loans in 2nd lien position?

No, we only lend in 1st lien position.

What does Loan To Value (LTV) and After Repair Value (ARV) mean?

Loan to Value: The percentage of the loan when compared to the After Repair Value of the collateral. We always lend based on the ARV. After Repair Value: The value we assume that the property will be worth once the renovation is complete.

How quickly can you fund a loan?

A typical loan can be funded in 5-7 days.

What is the loan application process?

  1. Borrower completes loan application (
  2. BLC conducts a preliminary review of the property and submits a Funding Offer to the Borrower
  3. Borrower signs and returns Funding Offer along with required documentation
  4. BLC verifies the condition and After Repair Value (ARV) of the property
  5. The loan funds and the borrower begins the renovation

What is used as collateral for my loan?

The subject property you are requesting a loan for will be used as the collateral.

What's the benefit of having an appraisal conducted?

An appraisal is a critical step in the lending process. Not only do we, the lender, want to ensure that we are lending on the correct After Repair Value, but we also want to ensure that the borrower has a clear understanding of what the value of the property will be. Unfortunately, we see a lot of borrowers who get excited and overvalue a property. If the borrower can't sell the property for what they initially thought, then they have a serious situation on their hands. This is not a situation we want our borrowers to be in.